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[29 Nov 2011|10:00pm]

not much else to add really
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whoops [16 Jul 2011|03:42pm]
IDEK, y'all, there's literally nothing interesting that's happened to me lately. Well...I did go on a cruise, which was fun. But I've just been chillin and workin, u kno

Prob gonna spend the entire week reading A Dance With Dragons, yesssss
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[23 May 2011|10:05pm]
I once read an interview with Ian Hart where he was bitching about how, when he was growing up, everyone was always talking about how they ~totally knew John Lennon~ and hung out with the Beatles and he was sick of it (this probably would've been circa 1977 or so).

Watching this totally makes me understand what he meant.
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[04 May 2011|06:06pm]

just wondering how Peter Capaldi got into the situation room to watch a live feed of the op that killed Osama bin Laden
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[01 May 2011|05:03pm]
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The Really Long Good Friday [22 Apr 2011|09:38pm]
No gang wars here, but I did have some sort of low blood sugar pass-out-y thing around 2 that was really embarrassing when I suddenly woke up in my cubicle.

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Um.. [31 Mar 2011|01:08pm]
is there a reason LJ is entirely in Russian until I sign in? I mean I know it's owned by Russians now, but that seems excessively exclusionary.
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this goodly frame, the earth, seems to me a sterile promontory [12 Mar 2011|09:28pm]
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GOOD THING I BROUGHT MY AXE CANE [08 Mar 2011|11:01am]
I was under the impression that last night's episode of House was going to be a MUSICAL episode. There was only one musical sequence. And it went all Across the Universe and weird. The dream sequences weren't really...relevant. They were obviously made relevant by the candy thing, but I felt like it was a stretch. The 2.5 Men spoof was totally an excuse to indulge H/W. This episode also unsettled my mom who, like myself, absolutely hates zombies. I did like the Cuddy/House storyline, Taub's storyline, and that Wilson was the milkman (HAHA HE WOULD BE) but I finished the ep vaguely dissatisfied, like I had been promised something and not given it.

That something: A musical episode.

Also, I didn't know Hugh Laurie was a tenor?
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[28 Feb 2011|09:03pm]
House is doing a musical episode.

I don't

I don't even

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[20 Feb 2011|10:57am]




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[20 Feb 2011|10:09am]
Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

New life plan: Work at the NYPL Center for the Performing Arts.
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That was the year that was [31 Dec 2010|11:14pm]
2010 was a weird year. It wasn't bad per se, and many good things happened during it. It just felt like a transition year.

The good: I graduated. The bad: I don't have a job. The good: I did tons of things I never expected to do, like go to the theater, write a thesis, make new friends, learn more about myself. The bad: I felt like I was one step behind everyone else in doing them. But on the whole I'll say it was a good year. 2009 felt like getting pushed off a cliff; 2010 felt like I was floating.

By hook or by crook, however, something is going to happen in 2011, I'm sure of it. I just hope that Something is something good for me!

I hope you guys all have a great new year. :-)

edit LOL, self, I used this same title AND described 2009 as a transitioning year. EVERY YEAR'S A TRANSITIONING YEAR! Nah not really.
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[27 Dec 2010|10:30am]
Oh man, you guys, I can't believe I forgot how good Ian Hart was/is. HE IS SO GOOD. WHAT?

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still time to use this Grinch icon! [25 Dec 2010|09:33pm]
Well, merry Christmas to y'all, if you celebrate it, and if you don't, happy Saturday! I had a decent day. I feel like...I'm doing too much talking and not enough doing. So I'm gonna do more. I also hit upon an AWESOME IDEA re: New Years' resolutions-- start 3 days early! This way, you have a cushion if you fall behind, and if you don't, when the new year rolls around you're like "PSH, on it already, hell yea"! I'll investigate further.

Umm...not much else to tell, really. Yep.

Have a video!
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[27 Nov 2010|12:19pm]
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[20 Nov 2010|12:18pm]
It's amazing how much happier I am now that I have a proper day-job thing, like. I am doing a 3 month internship @ The State doing research on papers and things, and I'll produce a couple of lit reviews at the end.

If (God willing) I were ever to experience success as an author, I think I would aim to have some kind of a job for as long as I could (notwithstanding touring and the like). I've found that I am the kind of person who works up, or down, as the case often is, to any particular level. So for instance if I have to get 17 thousand different things done, I will get them done to a decent level-- not, perhaps, the level I want (perfection) but pretty well from an outsiders' perspective, and sort of perversely enjoy the process.

If I have only one thing to do, I will agonize over it, take much longer to complete it and when I finally do, it will be rubbish.

This has proven a constant source of bafflement to my parents.

I don't think it's a case of procrastination/putting things off-- I never did so in high school, I rarely did so in college-- so much as a case of needing structure. I suppose this makes me lazy or immature, since my internal drive is fleeting and capricious and needs more discipline, but I guess the "good" thing about that is it's easy to not be lazy/immature, you just have to nut up and do it. Perhaps I'm just the sort of person who needs a lot of things to do all the time. Perhaps I am just so unbelievably brilliant that I overthink things. Yes...that's it...that's it exactly...

(I took Cognitive Psychology from her, you know. I don't think I ever spoke to her though. She was quite busy.)

I suppose I could make writing emulate a 9-5 type job through getting up, sitting at the comp, etc. But the other reason's that books are best when you have experiences to write about, and I need more experiences. I guess I could get around it by just going to the library and reading nonfiction till I get an idea, then doing hardcore research, but I think on the whole it's better to have lived experiences to draw from. For me, at least.

In other news, I am going to get SO MUCH DONE TODAY. Things include
-visiting the post office
-writing my other stupid Berkeley essay, stupid Berkeley and their two essays WHY DO YOU NEED TWO ESSAYS UGH
-writing in my ~moleskine~ because my eyes are getting strained from all my comping the past six months
-eating lunch

Look at all that stuff I'm going to accomplish!!!
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[11 Nov 2010|10:49am]
So I've been constantly mildly disappointed by The Event on NBC for the past 7 weeks, and I began to wonder-- just what IS wrong with The Event exactly? Why isn't it as satisfying a story as I want it to be? In theory it should be great, I see a bunch of stuff where I'm like "Hey, let's talk about that! That's a neat little idea" but when watching I'm like "BUT WHY? ARGH." I figured it might be an interesting exercise, since I myself enjoy writing stories.

Answers like "The problem is that it sucks" are not helpful, internetsCollapse )
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[09 Nov 2010|10:24am]
I've been winding down my time on ONTD, it's not nearly as fun as it used to be. Before there was obviously a crapload of celebrity stuff, but it was like you could pretty much post anything you wanted as long as the formatting was fine. Now it just feels like every other blog with reality bollocks everywhere, and about 80-85% of the posts are about things I don't care about. I tried making a post cause I was bored (haven't posted since August) and got rejected for the FLAGRANT OFFENSE of having two paragraphs outside a cut. I mean heaven forbid someone's virgin eyes gloss over a bunch of words! That's valuable time that could be spent waiting for a gif of Cheryl Cole moving her eyes back and forth to load! Since I am stubborn, I resubmitted, but I just...don't give a crap either way anymore about ONTD when before I was happily amused by it. If it does ever get through it'll probably just have people bitching about how much the post sucks anyway.

Man, it is...chore is the wrong word to use for something I do voluntarily, but it is getting to be a chore to watch The Event. I just keep on willing it to be better. It's like a show where I see a good show inside it, but I am beginning to despair as to whether that good show will ever come out.


Speaking of TV, I find I'm quite contrary about it nowadays. Everyone's creaming themselves over The Walking Dead, to the point where I am starting to just dislike it. It's not the show's fault; I was initially not gonna watch because I hate zombie stories, but now I'm like "forget that show WHATEVER"

I think it's because often, when people are talking about a show they like, they'll say something like "This show is AMAZING! It's way better than whatever crappy-ass show you watch," or "Why isn't anyone watching this show?! Only an idiot wouldn't like it, everyone is so stupid!" You know what's a good way to not get people to watch something? Telling them they're stupid. Like, I LOVE Damages and I don't understand why it isn't a huge success, but I'm not going to call people idiots because it gets terrible ratings and a silly show like True Blood gets great ratings, you know?

I could never properly keep up with TV, though. I think of it as something to turn on when I'm bored or there's nothing to do, I never did Appointment TV until high school with House. I tried keeping up w/stuff last year, did well for a few months...but I just never feel the urgency to watch TV live, never have-- even before streaming episodes and what not. I only sort of did that with Lost, and more so in the last season. Although I did watch House last night with my mom, though, I thought it was pretty good.

This post got really rambly and whiny, sorry about that.
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Whoeee. [08 Nov 2010|12:47pm]
Well. I've been sort of waffling about posting lately, since my days have been rather empty. Interning should start soon (HOPEFULLY). I just...don't have much to write about really...although my fault, I suppose, I should do things worth writing about! But most of my days consist of just messing around, writing, reading, looking forward to TV shows like a saddo, applying for jobs that won't hire me (less of that lately w/the intern stuff starting), and whatnot. So.


What are you up to?
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